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Mills Dental Group is now an official provider of FASTBRACES®! FASTBRACES® can deliver the beautiful smile you want and deserve in as little at 120 days! If you’re concerned about crowded teeth, spaces between your teeth, an overbite or underbite, or even a crossbite, FASTBRACES® and Mills Dental Group can help!

For over a quarter of a century, FASTBRACES® has been delivering comprehensive orthodontic treatment – just like traditional braces. However, it is not traditional and not simply short-term cosmetic orthodontics. It is an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment to address malocclusions (“bad bites”) – such as overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, spacing and gaps, open bites and crossbites.

young girls smiling

What Makes FASTBRACES® Different?

The difference is in how FASTBRACES® delivers results. Using breakthrough technology designed to cut out the two-step process of traditional braces, FASTBRACES®’ patented bracket technology straightens the roots of the teeth to an upright position starting from day one. This is also different from cosmetic braces & clear aligners that oftentimes do not move the root of the tooth at all but rather just moves the crown of the tooth. In addition, FASTBRACES® uses patented methods for restoring the alveolar bone and treating orthodontists of the gums (gingivitis from crooked teeth). The FASTBRACES® method also helps patients avoid having teeth extracted to straighten teeth, as well as avoiding jaw surgery in some cases.

Benefits of Using FASTBRACES®

The benefits of FASTBRACES® are being seen in over 50 countries. In fact, patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days. Most cases are completed in about 120 – 150 days and patients love the fact that they don’t have to wear orthodontic brackets for long in order to get the straight, perfect smile they desire. Patients also report decreased pain and discomfort with FASTBRACES®. Call Mills Dental Group today to find out how FASTBRACES® can help you!

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