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Enjoy Fastbraces® in Houston, TX

Mills Dental Group is an official provider of FASTBRACES®! FASTBRACES® is for teenage and adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth comfortably but don’t want to wait years for quality results or cut corners for speed! This high-quality, affordable technology helps straighten teeth really fast, even in about 120-150 days, without compromising treatment because what’s right for a beautiful smile (the way the teeth look) comes from what’s right for a beautiful bite (the way the teeth touch)! FASTBRACES® are comfortable and deliver beautiful results fast and safely because the technology behind FASTBRACES®’ patented methods and treatment utilizes uniquely designed brackets to work with only one high-tech nickel titanium wire from start to finish. This helps restore the morphology of healthy bone around crooked teeth gently and easily as they become straight.

Root Canal Treatment in Houston, TX

Types of Fastbraces®

Braces are the most familiar form of orthopedic care, treating adults, teens and children and providing them with straighter teeth and a desirable bite. Fastbraces® work seamlessly with other orthopedic treatments and care plans, reshaping teeth faster and more efficiently than other braces.

Fixed Braces

Fixed Fastbraces® stay on teeth 24/7 until they are no longer needed. An orthodontist will remove fixed braces once your teeth are ready. Fixed braces come in three distinct styles:

  • Traditional
  • Conventional
  • Self-litigating
  • Ceramic

Removable Braces

Patients must wear removable braces most times throughout the day, but they can be temporarily removed while performing activities such as eating, drinking or brushing teeth. Removable braces are prescribed when the teeth are moved horizontally. Ensuring you put your removable braces back on immediately is essential to keep your treatment time on schedule. You must be willing to follow a rigorous routine for removable braces to succeed.

How Do I Clean my Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® are the superior brace option for many patients, but they still require adequate oral hygiene and care to function correctly and realign your teeth.

Follow routine oral health practices to ensure your Fastbraces® maintain your quality. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating or drinking. If you have removable Fastbraces®, you may take them out to clean your teeth as long as you remember to put them back in afterward.

You can also prevent tooth staining and decay by avoiding highly acidic drinks such as coffee, soda and alcohol. We recommend scheduling routine dental cleanings and exams while your Fastbraces® are in place. Your oral health provider can evaluate your Fastbraces® status and ensure they properly straighten out your teeth.

The Three Vital Benefits of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® provide many advantages over traditional braces, including:

  • Quick Turnaround: Fastbraces® typically take less time to complete realignments than standard braces.
  • A Natural Appearance: Orthodontists apply Fastbraces® to match the way teeth would’ve grown if they hadn’t erupted, providing patients a more natural look for their teeth.
  • Fewer Extractions: Fastbraces® make space for all teeth, which reduces the likelihood of needing extractions.

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