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Six Month Smiles in Houston, TX

At Mills Dental Group, we see many adults who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth. They are too embarrassed to smile and often shy away from having their pictures taken because they are anxious about what their teeth will look like. Some of these same individuals hesitate to seek orthodontic treatment because they feel as though wearing metal braces as an adult is even more embarrassing than having crooked teeth. Others feel that metal braces will be too invasive or too expensive.

Thankfully, these individuals have an alternative treatment option to achieve straighter teeth: Six Month Smiles, a clear braces system. With Six Month Smiles, patients can straighten their teeth quickly, safely, affordably, and best of all, nearly imperceptibly.

What Exactly Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles are braces with clear brackets and extremely thin, tooth-colored wires, making them much less noticeable than conventional metal orthodontia. In fact, many Six Month Smiles patients are pleased to discover that other individuals can hardly tell they are straightening their teeth.

In addition, as the name suggests, Six Month Smiles braces work quickly to help patients achieve well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile that they can be proud of, within several months instead of years, which is often the case with traditional metal braces.

The Advantages of Six Month Smiles

Traditional titanium or stainless steel braces are still an effective means of straightening misaligned teeth. However, they offer several potential disadvantages. The principal drawback of conventional metal braces is that they are clearly noticeable when the patient speaks or smiles. This often makes individuals with metal braces feel extremely self-conscious about their smiles and may even impact their confidence levels.

Fortunately, we at Mills Dental Group offer several orthodontic treatment options, including Six Month Smiles clear braces, so individuals can straighten their teeth quickly and without embarrassment. Here are a few of the advantages of Six Month Smiles, an alternative to clunky metal braces.

  • The average treatment time is only six months, allowing patients to achieve a gorgeous smile in a matter of months — just in time for their upcoming special event!
  • Thanks to brackets that are made of either transparent plastic or enamel-colored material as well as incredibly thin wires, Six Month Smiles braces are highly imperceptible to others.
  • Six Months Smiles clear braces are designed to correct the teeth that are visible when smiling. Thanks to this treatment approach, the Six Month Smiles braces system does not change the patient’s bite significantly, so treatment is relatively more comfortable than with other orthodontic options.
  • For many individuals, the Six Month Smiles clear braces system is more economical than conventional braces, Invisalign aligners or porcelain veneers.

Learn More About This Innovative Alternative to Metal Braces

At Mills Dental Group, our patients’ comfort and oral health are our top priorities. To help ensure our patients’ comfort while helping them achieve straight teeth and a stunning smile, we offer individuals in Houston, Katy and Sugar Land Six Month Smiles clear braces.

To schedule a consultation with one of our qualified doctors to learn more about this innovative clear braces system and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for Six Month Smiles, please contact Mills Dental Group by calling 281-556-1606 today.

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