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Information Following Composite Fillings in Houston, TX

  • Composite fillings set up hard right away. Please wait until all numbness is gone before eating.
  • Children should be observed until the anesthetic wears off. Due to the strange feeling of the anesthetic, many children will chew the inside of their lips, cheeks or tongue, which can cause serious damage.
  • Sensitivity, especially to cold, is common for a few days following a dental restoration. Usually, the deeper the cavity, the more sensitive the tooth will be.
  • Sensitivity is usually most noticeable the first 12- 24 hours after the anesthetic wears off. If sensitivity persists, please call the office. The restoration might be to “high” or built up too much so that it hits too hard when chewing. This might require a slight adjustment.
  • The gum tissue could have been irritated during the procedure and may be sore for a few days together with the anesthetic injection site.

The finished restoration may be contoured slightly different and have a different texture than the original tooth. If your bite feels different or you feel that you are hitting the filling when you chew, call us for another appointment to smooth it down.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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